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Queen Alpha
Queen Alpha the woman who won over the Big Bad Wolf, unknown whether she is an alien or something else, but she also protects Ravage from the beasts and scum around the world and provided the Dark One with his great power, though hates his and Bheriya's rivalry towards each other

I'd have her either way!

Alpha: Would you not blurt that out?

Bheriya: Alright I won't blurt that out

Alpha: Thank you

Bheriya: But I will blurt this! I'm love slamming in you!

Alpha: Bheriya! There is really something wrong with you

Bheriya: But you love that about me don't you? Hehehe

Alpha: {sighs} You're such a rabid dog

Dark One: Ain't that the truth

Bheriya: Oh look it the Dick One

Dark One: Oh that's cute, did you think about me all the time to come up with that?

Bheriya: Yeah along with how I wanna put a bullet right between your eyes

Dark One: Oh trust me I'll give you chance and when you miss I'll cut yours off and put it in my trophy room, "Feral Wolf Head on display"

Bheriya: Eat a dick

Dark One: Go hump some bastard's leg

Enough both of you!

Bheriya: Ugh, alright babe

Dark One: Yeah that's right, go back to your dog house

Bheriya: Alright that's it, you and me Skeletor right her right now!

Dark One: Bring it bitch! 

Alpha: {sighs}...The things I have to cope with

Queen Alpha belongs to Notadrugdealer, I hope you don't mind my version of her
8 Gone Berserk
The She-Devil is back on the roads on her rampage, however realizing she could not beat Lady Scorcher she has gotten depressed and starting to have thoughts that her revenge may end up in failure, she doubts herself causing her to drink up the Anti-freeze she finds in the desert getting herself intoxicated, though this does not make her less dangerous

 {sleeping in her car} Zzzzz...zzzzz...{hears something} uuuh...nnn...{gets up slowly rubbing her eyes & gets out of her car}...fuck...{dizzy as she walks out} Hmm? {notices something & walks up to it}...{picks up a shining coin} Huh? {gets hit in the head} Urgh! 

Demon 1: Ahahahahahahaaaaa! {swings around his spike club} I got her! I got her good! 

Demon 2: Fooled you didn't we?

Demon 3: {holding a rifle at her} Get the car started

8: Don't...

Demon 4: Hey maybe we can put this 1 in the market

Demon 5: Yeah we can get a lot of food from that

8: {slowly gets up} Uuuuh...

Demon 3: Stay down woman, if you know what's good for you

8: Look...I really am the mood for this shit...either you fuck off...or I get really pissed off...

Demon 1: You want another swing bitch? 

Demon 2: Come on now, don't make us wreck you pretty face

8:...Don't...say I warned you...{claws sprout from her hand but she is still dizzy} Hmm?

Demon 4: The fuck? 

Demon 5: Who'd does she think she is? Wolverine?

8: car...alone

Demon 1: This bitch needs another swing {about to swing his club at her}

8: {stabs his leg}

Demon 1: Aaaaaaaargh! {gets stabbed in the stomach} Gurgh! 

Demon 2: Bitch, get her! 

Demons: Grrrrr! {all attack her with blades and clubs}

8: Grrgh...{blocks some of them but gets hit & slashed} Argh! Urgh! Aargh! Gurgh! {cuts 1 of their arms off}

Demon 5: Daaaargh! 

8: {gets hit in the face} Urgh! {goes on the floor as they keep hitting her & cutting her} Grrrrgh! 

Demon 3: Should have stayed down! {shoots her in the back & head}...{sighs} fuck man

Demon 5: That bitch cut my arm!

Demon 4: She killed Ted too

Demon 3: She's dead isn't she? It was Ted's fault getting reckless

8: Uuuh...

Demon 2: The fuck she's still alive! 

8:  I really don't wanna get sober now...

Demon 3: Fuckin bitch just die already! {shoots her more}

Demons: {keeps on hitting & cutting her} Rrrrrr!

8: Grrrrgh! Rrrrrrrrr! {eyes widen as she is enraged} Rrraaaaar! {claws 1 in the chin}

Demon 2: Guurrgh...{face gets cut open}

8: Rrrr! {blocks 1 & stabs him repeatedly in the stomach} Rrrrraaaaar!

Demon 5: Urrrrgh! {torso gets cut off} Gurgh!

Demon 6: Rrrrraaaar {gets impaled in the chest} Argh! 

Demon 3: {fires at her}

8: Argh! Grrrrrr! {raises her hand at him as black spikes sprout from the ground impaling him}

Demon: Urgh...gurgh...

Demon 6: {choking on his blood} Urrrgh...rrrrgh...

8: Rrrrr! {cuts off his head & dashes cutting the arms of another} Raaaaar!

Demon 4: Aaaaaaargh! Waaaaaaargh! {bleeds out on the ground}

Demon 7: {fires at her with a shotgun}

8: Grrrgh! Rrrrr! {raises her hands using telekinesis to pull away the gun & lunges at him stabbing him in the neck} Grrrrrrrrr!

Demon 7: Guuurgh!

8: {stabs him to death} Rrrrrrrrr! Rrrrrrraaaaar! 

Demon 8: Fuck this! {runs off}

8: Grrr! {sees him} Where do you think you're going?! {raises her hand using her telekinesis on him lifting him into the air}

Demon 8: Oh shit! No please I won't do anything! have mercy

8: You beg Demon for mercy? You fuckers are more dumber than I thought {tightens her grip as the Demon implodes within}

Demon 8: Gaaaaaargh! 

8: {breathing heavily}...Rrrr! Grrrr! {starts breathing slower}...{drops & lies on the ground as she regenerates from her wounds catching her breath}...why ain't I dead yet...why? {looks at her claws}...What have I become?

Bloodied From Fight-
Agwang Smokes The She-Wolf
Though it's unknown how many kids the Big Bad Wolf has had since he keeps forgetting to bring protection...


1 child who was the daughter of the Metal Witch of the Iron Forest took interest in her Father's lifestyle and started following his footsteps becoming mercenary of Smokes Enterprise, Agwang Smokes, she has her Father's power as a Demigod but has also adapted, she took a liking to her father firearms but knew he would not give them, so with her power she mimicked them, though they are not as powerful they are still deadly, Agwang has been doing what she can to impress her Father, although Bheriya hates children, he starts growing close to his daughter overtime and even train her in combat, she also has a Wolf God form like her Father but it does not last long

 Spandex Agwang, they are the way of attraction, though people go for Kelvar do not hesitate in the skintights! What do you think of that?

Agwang: Hmm well what about we add to that, like revealing more skin like this?

Bheriya: {gasps} Midriff?! Cleavage?!'re a genius! Why didn't I think of that?! {sheds a tear} I'm so proud of you

Agwang: Really Daddy? You proud of me?

Bheriya: Yep, you have mastered they ways in making spandex sexy! That is a feat not many have the shame in doing!...Well besides cosplayers, but you are ready for teasing the tits of many in this world! Err I mean teasing cocks, well maybe some tits depending on who we are talking about

Agwang: Yay! I am a success in sex appeal!
Bheriya's Assassin Spandex
The Big Bad Wolf isn't hesitant in wearing tight clothing so long as it's pleasing the girls he hangs out with, this maybe reckless as the jobs he deals with are highly dangerous, however Bheriya's resilience is all he needs as he is nearly invulnerable to damage and can regenerate rapidly if he does gain receive any damage, he also tends to ignore the pain as his ego makes him very dangerous and psychotic, he may seem calm, but he is actually insane and is hesitant to kill anybody...well except sexy women

Lord Sticks:
Why spandex Bheriya?

Bheriya: Oh Sticks-Sticks-Sticks, you gotta know the way of life in these times, if the ladies are willing to show off their hot bod, we gotta return that back, spandex is the way of showin your pecs to the ladies, not to mention they can get a good look at my ass which they love so much, when you get them biting their lip or lickin it, you're doing something right, spandex, guaranteed to make you a babe magnet

Lord Sticks: Hmm, well my true form may give me difficulty with that...I know! I'll use my human form!

Bheriya: Cool that's-wait you got a human form?

Lord Sticks: Yes, but I rarely use it, I find it disgusting

Bheriya: You know you could roam around Ravage with no trouble if you just use that, then the Angels wouldn't be chasin your ass so much



Cyclone-Wolf-Devil's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hi guys, Cyclone here and I love to RP!

I'm an artist, a viewer and a gamer (also a student)

I've also got a Tumblr Account now-
Check it out!8)

Anyone want to RP with me without getting in trouble with DA, I'm on Skype (Metal Devil) in the UK


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