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Nanoknight Wallpaper by Cyclone-Wolf-Devil Nanoknight Wallpaper :iconcyclone-wolf-devil:Cyclone-Wolf-Devil 7 0 Kori Kishidan by Cyclone-Wolf-Devil Kori Kishidan :iconcyclone-wolf-devil:Cyclone-Wolf-Devil 25 12 Nanoknight by Cyclone-Wolf-Devil Nanoknight :iconcyclone-wolf-devil:Cyclone-Wolf-Devil 26 19 Scarlet Dragon by Cyclone-Wolf-Devil Scarlet Dragon :iconcyclone-wolf-devil:Cyclone-Wolf-Devil 30 51 Rage Babydoll by Cyclone-Wolf-Devil Rage Babydoll :iconcyclone-wolf-devil:Cyclone-Wolf-Devil 38 41 Cydreatroanakar (Cydrea) by Cyclone-Wolf-Devil Cydreatroanakar (Cydrea) :iconcyclone-wolf-devil:Cyclone-Wolf-Devil 27 14
Maxy's Grudge

After what happened at Beacon Academy, I lost a good friend, I don't know whether he is alive or dead, all I know is that he is gone, my brother Ricky didn't wake up for 3 days and Captain Prince cancelled our search for Kymera and the Faunas Hunter, I was still slightly injured then, you guys wonder why I went rogue, why I know the Black Claw are back, I thought I killed them all when I was with wrong I was
{6 months ago a few days after Beacon's Falling at a karoke bar in another Kingdom} 
{walks up to the Karoke Bar}...{sighs & walks in}
Cindy: {a short white haired girl with white shirt & glasses who hums by the til}...Oh...Agent Laark umm I heard what happened
Maxy: Nothing for you to worry about Cindy...but it was horrible, after what happened I doubt we Faunas will have it easy now
Cindy: Well, if it will put you at ease, I still believe in you Agent Laark
:iconcyclone-wolf-devil:Cyclone-Wolf-Devil 10 54
Zalick Chaotix Class Mode by Cyclone-Wolf-Devil Zalick Chaotix Class Mode :iconcyclone-wolf-devil:Cyclone-Wolf-Devil 15 0 Zalick Kojirra by Cyclone-Wolf-Devil Zalick Kojirra :iconcyclone-wolf-devil:Cyclone-Wolf-Devil 11 0 Kalista Prince by Cyclone-Wolf-Devil Kalista Prince :iconcyclone-wolf-devil:Cyclone-Wolf-Devil 26 64 Ricky Laark by Cyclone-Wolf-Devil Ricky Laark :iconcyclone-wolf-devil:Cyclone-Wolf-Devil 24 0 Maxy Laark by Cyclone-Wolf-Devil Maxy Laark :iconcyclone-wolf-devil:Cyclone-Wolf-Devil 16 6 The Time Squad Wallpaper 2 by Cyclone-Wolf-Devil The Time Squad Wallpaper 2 :iconcyclone-wolf-devil:Cyclone-Wolf-Devil 9 2 Majo The Omni-Queen of the Alter-Dimension by Cyclone-Wolf-Devil Majo The Omni-Queen of the Alter-Dimension :iconcyclone-wolf-devil:Cyclone-Wolf-Devil 22 104 Ninito by Cyclone-Wolf-Devil Ninito :iconcyclone-wolf-devil:Cyclone-Wolf-Devil 10 2 Winea by Cyclone-Wolf-Devil Winea :iconcyclone-wolf-devil:Cyclone-Wolf-Devil 33 56


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Kori Kishidan
In her casual attire when not working, she wears an arm cast to hide her Djinn Gauntlet and make it look injured when it is actually very ok, though Kori's Suit Device is exposed, people confuse it for a fancy accessory on her chest as the times she lives in has that, she can still partially use her Nanosuit abilities like summoning the weapons concealed in it and summon a partial bit of the armor like the Gauntlets or Boots, the Chest Armor too

Girlfriend of Ryu Honorblade, they both protect Vita as Nanoknight and Tech Wizard with the help of their allies they stop the threats of Vita  and seek to wipe out the Tesshin

 Umm I don't know what to say for this, this is awkward

Ryu: Yeah, I think I have a solution

Kori: What? No, no! {gets grabbed & tickled} Ahahaha! Stop! Stahahap! Ahahahaha!

Ryu: I hope that entertain you guys!

No Jacket
Kori Kishidan the Superheroine of Vita and the City of Ferrum, she is an Agent of the Vita Forces and face off invaders and evil, as a Kamigami she possesses the power create tools and weapons out of her energy and she has great power, she kills Gods and Immortals, hunting the Tesshin the Immortal Beings, when trying to stop her sister Scarlet in ending Vita with her Djinn Energy Powered World Cannon, she managed to pull out the core in time but it blows up on her combusting her right arm and eye, for a while her suit gave her an arm but afterwards her arm grew back as an arm of a Djinn, giving her even greater power, her Djinn Gauntlet is indestructible and cannot break, it also turns into more powerful weapons, this also gives Kori great strength that she can lift planets, but only with her right arm

 Evil will be wiped out and I'll be the 1 stomping them out 

Ryu: Ahem

Nanoknight: Oh and you too Ryu,

No Gauntlet Aura
Scarlet Dragon
Kaen Kishidan the sister of Kori who went rogue and joined the Tesshin, after Kori, Ryu and Raiu decimated their kingdom and killed Daedulas, Kaen was left with her mind badly damaged along with her broken soul, but her partner Charles Hughs A.K.A the Shadow restored her, her restoration caused her to mutate and take on a Dragon-like look from her Aura, as a Kamigami her power is great, though this will only make her Half-Immortal with her Tesshin side, she is now the new leader and ruler of the Tesshin, becoming a new Warlord, Now she seeks to wipe out Vita and the Agents

Scarlet: Join me and we can take the Universe and make it a better place to live in, if we leave it it will only disappear by itself

No Wings/No Tail
No Weapons
No Weapons/No Wing/No Tail
Rage Babydoll by Cyclone-Wolf-Devil

Anyone wanna RP with me for this? 

You can use any OC you have 


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hi guys, Cyclone here and I love to RP!

I'm an artist, a viewer and a gamer (also a student)

I've also got a Tumblr Account now-
Check it out!8)

Anyone want to RP with me without getting in trouble with DA, I'm on Skype (Metal Devil) in the UK


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