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Shay Gladium The Holy Alchemist

Age: 19

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Occupation: Former Captain of the Order/Commander of the Order Reborn

Personality: Caring, calm, quite shy, very determined, very brave and quick to anger should any harm come to the innocent or Nerissa

Skills/Power: Knows the ways of alchemy with a holy affinity and understands the language of Angelic Warriors to summon spirits to aid him or summon a perk for himself to power-up/He is an excellent swordsman with his rapier capable of striking with speed and precision, but will sometimes use his holy shotgun for range and emergencies/Shay has the ability to summon Angelic Wings to fly and armor to become stronger but this will strain him if used for too long

Weapons/Tools: A Captain's Rapier which he was given in his promotion and his holy shotgun which blast devastating holy shells that usually makes a cross shape from it's shot

Shay Gladium is the son of Isaac and Miriam Gladium, 2 powerful Holy Knights that fought for the Order against the Demon hordes from Earth which has been renamed Ravage after the Gods fell and the Hellgate broke loose, they were killed by the Twin Daughter's of Lucifer Medusa and Lilith during their rampage in the City of Jibana, leaving Shay an orphan, years later Shay was raised by the Order and learned the ways of his Mother and Father in becoming a Paladin for the Order, at the age of 15 he achieved the basics of Alchemy with his Holy Attributes, training within the Dark Forest for many years

During 1 of his training sessions, Shay came across a naked young girl whom was confused and lost while badly injured, she did not have a name and had an odd gauntlet on her right hand which turned out to be a her actual hand, though Shay found it to be mysterious, he took her in to her home and patched her up while feeding her, he then asked her questions but the poor girl had no idea what was going on or why she was in that Forest in the first place, but is very grateful of Shay for helping and treating her, not noticing him blushing from her beauty and exposed body, he tried to keep her warm but she found it very uncomfortable and rather be in the cold, so he cools her down instead, after a few days Shay thought he should buy some clothes for Nerissa instead of making her wear his things, so he went out with her to find suitable clothing for her, during their search, the girl came across a coat with the brand name "NERISSA", which she seemed to like, but it was very expensive, however before Shay could decide what he should do a Feral Demon attacks the store and it was an "A Class" Demon meaning it was close to a Demon Lord' power, Shay tried to save the people around him but he was still a trainee so he would only be able to take on a "D-Class" Demon, while trying his best he was seriously injured from the Demon and was about to be killed

However, the girl he found saw him in danger and fought back against the Demon ramming it out of the store, enraged by the harm caused by the Demon to Shay, the girl managed to kill the beast with her superhuman strength and her gauntlet which she use to rip out it's heart, when going on her knees after killing it, Shay healed himself and went to comfort her from that traumatic experience covering her with the coat she liked while accidentally saying " Are you ok Nerissa?" Which the girl responded "Nerissa?" making Shay wonder why he called her that, but she was happy with it as her original name is unknown, hence she was called Nerissa, during their times together, Shay has been giving her presents and had Nerissa interested with the luxurious like TV and cartoons while playing video games that started to make Nerissa a thrill-seeker, because of this and her strength to take down Demons of high class, Shay made her into his assistant in slaying Demons whenever he needed her, over time they got closer and closer to each other and started falling for each other, finally after Shay's promotion in becoming a Captain he was bought a ring to propose to her but was very hesitant as he wondered is he right for her, after their talk Shay realized how much he loved her and asked her to marry him which she happily accepted, though they were engaged, they were still busy in dealing with the Demon Lords who seek to take over Ravage

During 1 of their tasks, Shay and his troops were ordered by his leader, Commander Liam Anderson to escort and protect a priest from the Church of Serin City, although they would be surprised that instead of a Demon attacking, it was a Wolfman, but this was no common Wolfman, he was capable of skillfully dodging the Guard's attack and fire at the Priest right in the face with his odd firearms that bursted him to pieces, the Escort was failure but the new Orders was to subdue or kill the Wolfman, unfortunately he was very skilled and strong, easily killing many troopers with his Hookswords which ironically are used on Wolfmen slaves to discipline them, Shay fought against the red clad Wolf using his skill and power, though he held out for a while he was eventually overpowered by the Wolf and knocked out, though this enrages Nerissa and she fights back the Wolf, they both prove very skill and powerful fighting evenly, however the Wolf manages to trick her and pins her on the ground, he then smirks and teases her giving her a lick to the face which she found disgusting, but Shay gets back up and blasts him away with his shotgun out the window, but this did not subdue him as he disappears, it is later found out it was the notorious Butcher of Jibana, Bheriya Smokes, a Wolfman who killed his slavers and became a hired gun that hunts, with the new task of catching him dead or alive, Commander Liam wanted Shay's fiance Nerissa to become an official member of the Order and made her a Demon Huntress since she was able to fight evenly with Smokes, though Shay worries about this and has thoughts of her in danger, which made him keep an eye on her

They traveled to the abandoned castle which was once the home of Vlad the King of Vampires before he was slain by an unknown Hunter, they come across a woman from the Order called Kurai Angelica, whom developed an interest in Nerissa after taking down many Demon Yetis, much to Shay's dismay, Shay then made camp with his men while Nerissa went to raid the Castle to find if Smokes was in there, after an hour passes, Shay starts to grow concerned and decides to go in the Castle himself, after minutes of searching he finds a secret entrance to a dungeon under the castle which he discovers that Nerissa found and finds a dead creature she killed before, but she was nowhere to be found, it was only from her agonizing screams that he realized she was in danger and ran to rescue her, he then finds her in a lab naked and cover in blood, most of it not being hers but the 1 who captured her and tortured her, he then sees her have a Demon's tail which quickly disappears which he thought was his imagination, after that gory situation, Shay takes Nerissa home and apologizes for being a terrible fiance, which she responds in saying it wasn't his fault, after her recovery from her torture, they gain Intel that the Wolf maybe in the Suicide Jungle, Nerissa was sent in but Shay was ordered not to accompany her and head to the Order's Fortress, although he did not like the idea of leaving her alone, Nerissa says she will be fine and that he may be needed for something more important, not happy with this Shay eventually agrees

During Nerissa's hunt in the Jungle, the Scientists Angor and Poena the twin Brother and Sister discovered that Nerissa is a Demon, not only that but an "S-Class" Demon, at the level of a Demon Lord and a Devil, informing Shay this as it turns out they were the ones torturing her before she became enraged and awakened her Demon form which was very powerful, hearing this, Shay could not find it possible that his fiance is a Demon but denies it, eventually he realizes what she is and is ordered to execute her when she comes back much to his dismay, after Nerissa arrives back from her hunt in the Jungle she was ordered to meet Shay in the Helicopter platform where he waits for her, she arrives at the platform and questions about the Order and their activities in abducting innocence and experimenting on them with Demon and Angel DNA, however he asks her about her Demon side which she makes her confused but in anger Shay demands to know about it, after their argument it is found out by the Twins that Nerissa is the child of Lucifer, Medusa, the Demon responsible for Shay's parent's death, enraged by this fact Shay becomes an Black and Gold Angel from his power within and attacks Nerissa, the former lovers then must fight to the death, however Nerissa could not bring herself to put down Shay, so she drops her sword which stops him attacking, demanding to know why she doesn't fight back with a responding "Because...I love you...Shay" before shedding a tear which completely stops Shay's Archangel mode, confused even knowing he is angry by her,  now wondering whether she is really Medusa, but before they can resolve the Matter, Commander Liam steps in and critically injures Nerissa, he then promotes Shay in weakening Nerissa for him, even though that wasn't the plan

Though now revealed to be Medusa, Shay could not bring himself to let her go as he sees her as Nerissa his lover not Medusa the fiend, he then turns against the Order and tries to rescue her but the Commander proves to be too much for him the handle, revealing to be a Demon himself, a Devil fused with Angelic DNA becoming a Nephilim, Shay is then struck down but after a while is found by Smokes Enterprise, a mercenary group the Bheriya is from working for an Old Retired Reaper, Muetre Smokes whom reveals that the Order has been trying to achieve the placement of God by collecting the remains of Demons and Angels, after a brief fight from Bheriya who wondered whether he'll save his girl or kill her, he is left behind to recover while Bheriya deals with the Order, during Shay's recovery he hears that Bheriya has been decimating the Order by killing the main Demon Lords and Devils who are aiding them, knowing this he then chooses to accompany and realizes how important Nerissa is in his life, they both then destroy the last remains of the Order with Shay's loyal troops backing him up, they come across Commander Liam whom they could not take down but Bheriya steps in and fights the Commander 1-on-1 with their blades and the latter wins the fight but cannot kill the Commander as he is immortal and connected to his True Master

Bheriya and Shay then must face the Order's greatest weapon and abomination, the Saeculi Finem, a gigantic beast fused with the power of Demons and Angels, that is destroying Jibana with it's immense power, however Bheriya tells Shay to find his girl while he deals with the Godly beast on his own, at first Shay had doubts but now knowing what Bheriya is capable of doing the impossible, he puts the faith in Bheriya and prays for him even with the Wolf saying it was unnecessary, with their objectives clear, Shay set off to find Nerissa and after fighting through the Nephilim mutant hordes, he managed to get to Nerissa who has now reverted back to Medusa standing by her twin Lilith, though Shay is angered seeing this, he promised himself he will get back Nerissa no matter what the cost and unleashes his Holy Angelic Knight form to take on the sisters, during their battle Shay notices that Medusa has a tear in her eye but still looks desperate to kill him, he asks if Nerissa is still in her which she responds "She is dead now, I'm here" however Shay saw that as false when he asked "Then why do you shed a tear?!" knowing deep down that Nerissa is still there, he fights the sisters and kills Lilith, as for Medusa he waits for her to attack and drops his blade as she strikes but stops with her asking why he does not fight with him responding, "because...I love you...Nerissa", though Medusa says she is not Nerissa and tries striking him down but cannot move, Shay then tells her "...Will you marry me?" with that said, Medusa's body started to crack like glass and burst with shining light, changing back into Nerissa with Shay catching her as she passes out and wraps her in his coat, she wakes up happy to see him again and asks for forgiveness for what she did to his parents, but he says that it was Medusa and her sister's doing, not hers, he then carries her out of the falling fortress and heads back to Bheriya who is currently fighting the Saeculi Finem in the city

Shay sees Bheriya actually having fun taking down the beast but it keeps regenerating rapidly and find out the Archangel Dolor who has been aiding the Order since the beginning of it is providing it the souls of many fallen with the help of Lucifer, Nerissa’s Father to keep the beast going, Shay seeks to cut off the Archangel, but wonders who will go after Lucifer who was inside the Saeculi Finem, controlling it, Nerissa volunteers saying “it’s time to talk with Dad”, she then has Bheriya try to get her in the beast which he does by causing a great big hole on his chest before it closes up, Shay then proceeds to the Church and finds the Archangel whom turns out is Liam’s Master, he has been keeping him alive by tethering his soul to himself so he remains alive from anything, Shay battles the Archangel and he is victorious and summons the Holy Dragon ‘Spiritus Draconis’ to consume Dolor, after that Liam turns into ash, after thanking Shay for freeing him, with Shay successful, he heads off back to the others

Shay has succeeded to cut off the Beasts power and Nerissa has killed her Father stopping his control over it, Bheriya proceeds finishing it off with his Wolf God form, decimating it, with the trio successful in saving Jibana and stopping the order, they thought it was over, but Dolor and Lucifer use the last remains of their power building a beast with the remains of the Saeculi Finem into a deformed but weaker beast, Bheriya wanted to take it down again getting irritated, but Nerissa chooses to end it herself as she sees this as a mess her Father made, Shay is concerned but confident in her ability, he sees her take on the Fallen Saeculi Finem as she smashes it into the ground with her Gauntlet, sending it to the burning flames of Hell, Bheriya then says to him, “you’re a very lucky bastard having a girl like that” before leaving and saying goodbye to them both with Nerissa saying that they’ll meet again to fight and this time she will win, Shay finding it funny then sees that Nerissa still has the ring he gave her, showing that she had faith in him, even after turning back to Medusa, they share a kiss as the sun rises after their victory

With the city rebuilt, Shay and Nerissa gets married with the reverend being Bheriya in disguised, during their honeymoon, Shay felt that the world is defenseless without it’s protectors, Ravage is the home for both Humans and Demons and unity is impossible so long as the Demon Lords and Devils seek to take everything away, so he revives the Order and becomes it’s new leader, changing the rules and saying that they are the Knights of Ravage, not the Kings or Gods, with Nerissa being second in Command, 1 day they will close Hell and wipeout the Demon Hordes

Raiu The Cyberninja (1/2)
A Secret Agent working for the Vita's Shell Forces, Raiu is an elite Cyber-Ninja who wields a high-frequency blade and is capable in moving in high-speeds while attacking with precision, she fights in a Laido Style very much like Scarlet, but does use other weapons within her cybernetic body, within her finger tips she possesses machine-guns which she can fire from, grenades insides her shoulders which she can take out an eye laser from her right eye, she also possesses a rocket launcher in her left knee which from bends down and opens to fire from, Raiu's body has an Anti-Polarity Engine within so magnets have no effect on her, her visor analysis for her in battle and searching but she can open it whenever she wants to, sometimes even blinds herself to use her hearing instead

Raiu maybe a Cyborg but she still possesses her Mana like everyone else on Ferrum and has electrical capabilities like blasting electricity from her hands or summon lightning, even use it as a tether to pull herself or pull her enemies, she is also capable of doing a shockwave to blast around her for crowd control, this makes her even more deadly

 Reporting for duty


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Hi guys, Cyclone here and I love to RP!

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