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Hunter And Chase Gladium
The children of Nerissa and Shay Gladium, both being Half-Demons and humans, Hunter is calm and gentle like his Father while possessing abilities of both his Mother and Father, he also seemed to have gained his Mother's Devil's Grip but with both hands, this makes his fists deadly and super strong, Chase has her Mother's wild side and likes to fight especially strong opponents, she usually carries around her dual holy blades, she knows a lot of her Father's Magic abilities and uses that to her advantage, she is slightly stronger than her Brother but does not have any traits of the Devil's Grip on her like him


Chase: Let's fight! 
Nerissa Gladium Casual Wear
Being trapped within the other realm, Nerissa had to find her way out surviving with no more supplies and no support, with only her weapons and power she has gained during her journey, she had to fight nightmarish beasts in the realm killing many of them, after getting through she finds a way back from Pugione's back-up device, however she had to fight a creature that looked and fought just like her, calling herself Medusa, it was Nerissa's other side taken form and had the same power and weapons like her but is in permanent Devil Mode, their battle continues on until Nerissa manages to cripples Medusa but she did not stay down
Medusa takes on a more deformed form where she is fusing with the remains of Ridan, Incensus, Plaga and Pugione becoming a hideous powerful beast

Nerissa has 1 last battle with her counterpart and after a long intense battle Nerissa uses her new Decimation Cannon ability from Pugione & obliterates Medusa killing her for good, she gets the back-up device to work and comes back to reality in space as Planet Minos had disappeared, passing out while floating in space she is found by Lord Sticks in a shuttle and heads back to Ravage to gather some oxygen and being the fiend he is, he nearly kidnaps her but Shay takes control of the Sticks's hands from his Tower making them land in Jibana, he has his men restrain Sticks and imprison him but let's him live for helping Nerissa, Shay takes her back home and they had the thought of having a holiday with the kids

Having a vacation in a beach house in Jibana with Hunter and Chase, Nerissa and Shay can finally spend time together on their late anniversary, Nerissa is tempted to retire after the things she had to do but knows she has to carry on to protect her family, Shay recommends she should retire and let him do all the work next time


Shay: Hopefully there'll be no more surprises in future, how about we take the year off?

Nerissa: Please, I think we earned it, god what a month

Shay: By the way Nerissa, when you were unconscious you mentioned about "God is no more"

Nerissa: I did?

Shay: Yeah, what did you mean by that?

Nerissa:...Umm...I'm not sure, I must have had an odd dream, I might have to see the doctor again

Shay: Hm yeah, perhaps you still haven't fully recovered from your journey

Nerissa: Yeah, I might rest after this

Shay: That would be a good idea, special night?

Nerissa: Hmhm, why wait {goes close to kiss him but both get interrupted with water poured on them} Waah! 

Shay: Wha?! Aww Chase!

Chase: Haha! {runs away with the bucket}

Nerissa: Why you, get over here! {runs away} Haha!

Shay: Hmhm! {runs after them}

Hunter: {building a huge sand castle} Ah there we go {sees it get knocked down by them} Aww...
Dragon Kurai
When Kurai enters her Dragon form her blood forms into tough armor and she reveals her true form as the Blodd Princess, her hair also grows to it's true length when she was Kurai Tepes, she also speaks with a Romanian accent in this mode but other than that her personality has not changed at all, her power has massively increased and she can form many weapons with her blood and she controls fire in many ways, she can even breath fire that can even heat up to the Sun's level, Kurai also has the option to go gigantic in this form, reaching up to skyscrapers, she uses her tail like a bladed whip and her wings let her fly fast while also block attacks for her acting like shields, Kurai can only use the Impaler sword in her Dragon form as it's power is to great to hold for anyone ordinary, it also grows with her if she goes gigantic

Dragon Kurai:

Impaler Sword
Impaler Sword
Another lost tool of the Reapers who got into the hand of the King of Vampires himself Vlad the Dragon, this weapon has the power to killing 1 hit and wipe out any from existence when fully charged like other Reaper Tools, after Vlad died Kurai kept the blade safe in honor of her Father, she can only use it's fullpower in Dragon mode, she will sometimes give this to her lover the Dark One who can also use it
Usually you guys wonder how I would portray myself in my Well too bad I'll tell you anyway, in RPs I represent as a Godlike figure who isn't taken seriously and is always bullied, especially by my bastard creation Bheriya whom you girls love, this is how you can see me as if I RP as myself 


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hi guys, Cyclone here and I love to RP!

I'm an artist, a viewer and a gamer (also a student)

I've also got a Tumblr Account now-
Check it out!8)

Anyone want to RP with me without getting in trouble with DA, I'm on Skype (Metal Devil) in the UK


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